Ethiopian Amaro Gayo FTO

ethiopiaThis exceptional coffee is exported through Ethiopia’s only female miller/exporter, Asnakech Thomas. Native to the Amaro region, Asnakech decided in 2005 to return to Ethiopia and improve the coffee quality and living conditions of her community. The coffee is scrupulously harvested, sorted, and milled at her own facilities, allowing her remarkable control over her crops.

Amaro is a farm with wet and dry mills where local growers bring their freshly picked, ripe cherry for processing. Asnakech is said to be very strict in selecting which coffees will be processed at her washing station and mill, choosing only ripe and ready cherry.

Cherries are dried on raised beds, eliminating contact with the soil and resulting in a much cleaner coffee. These raised beds also provide even aeration, in which the dry air can reach the bean from both above and below the beds. This combination results in a very consistent quality and flavor profile.

  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Region: Sidamo.
  • Growing Altitude: 1,100.
  • Varietal: Wild varietals.
  • Process: Natural, sun-dried.
  • Cup Characteristics: Blueberry & sweet strawberry; dried banana & stone fruit; nuanced florals; excellent body & balance.
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