French Roast

brazilWe offer this robust coffee to give you the deepest roasty flavors and rich caramelized sugars possible. We use our smooth and sweet Brazilian Oberon bean and roast it all the way to 460* which gives it that dark, almost black hue, with oils on the exterior of the bean. If you’re looking for heavy body and toasty smoky flavors, look no further than our Brazilian French Roast.

  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Region: Cerrado.
  • Growing Altitude: 900 – 1,250 m.
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuaí, and Bourboni.
  • Process: Natural.
  • Cup Characteristics: Full body; rich & smoky aroma; toasted marshmallow sweetness.
Price: $14.00