Mexican Chiapas Turquesa

Mexican Chiapas TurquesaBecause of the beautiful blue skies in the region where it is grown, this coffee is named “Turquesa,” after the precious stone. This area stretches up to the region of the city Yajalon, and coffee is grown at an altitude between 900 and 1,000 meters. The coffee is characterized by large bean size and a round, balanced cup.

The coffee is cultivated mainly by smallholders, often descendents of the Indian tribes. These producers plant, harvest, and prepare the coffee by hand, sparing no effort to produce a product which makes them proud. To ensure that producers have the best chance possible of receiving a fair price for their product, our importers feel it is their obligation to work with exporters that support these communities with social projects and use their transportation infrastructure to bring their product to market.

The harvest season is December through March. All the coffee is received in parchment, quality controlled, and transported to a high tech dry mill in Veracruz. After a second quality control, the coffee is cleaned, milled, and sorted to be prepared for export. This coffee has a quality control standard which allows for only 15 imperfections per 300 grams.

  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Region: Chiapas.
  • Growing Altitude: 1,100 m.
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica and Catuaí.
  • Process: Washed, patio-dried.
  • Cup Characteristics: Medium body & light acidity; sweet hints of dark chocolate; balanced & smooth.


Price: $16.00