Our Story

Founder, Bill O’Keefe, discovered the world of specialty coffee during a part-time job with another small roaster.  After moving to Redding, he wondered where he would be able to find coffee as exceptional as the small batch roasted coffee he had grown accustomed to.  With much encouragement and determination, he decided to start making his own.  Redding Roasters Coffee Company began with the purchase of a Diedrich IR12 infrared coffee roaster.  Bill also installed a high quality afterburner to avoid any smoke release, and to reduce the micro-roaster’s carbon footprint.  Over the following years, Redding Roasters developed into an artisanal coffee brand with a loyal following. In April of 2012, Bill sadly passed away suddenly and peacefully in his sleep.  His daughter, Kaitlyn Heisler, stepped in to continue her father’s legacy of fine, small-batch, fresh roasted coffee.  Kaitlyn grew up around the shop and learned the fine nuances of specialty roasting first hand from her father.  She has continued developing her expertise through workshops on the chemistry of roasting, much experimentation, and trial and error. Today Kaitlyn is Fairfield County’s resident coffee sommelier, eager to discuss each fruity note and nutty finish for the dozens of specialty roasted coffees that has given Redding Roasters its distinct place in Connecticut’s coffee culture.

Why In Bethel?

Bill O’Keefe got things rolling for Redding Roasters before he had a chance to close on a location.  It turns out that after a diligent search throughout Redding, he was unable to find any space that would work for the business.  So he expanded his search to nearby Bethel where he ultimately found the location where the business remains to this day.

What's The Logo All About?

Bill O’Keefe was more than just a coffee aficionado.  He enjoyed photography, graphic design, and motorcycles.  He created the Redding Roasters “Flying Bean” logo himself and helped establish a brand that reflected his tastes in coffee: simple, eclectic, and crafty.

Where Is Your Coffee Sold?

The full selection of coffees from Redding Roasters is available in whole bean or ground form at the roastery in Bethel, CT.  For a fresh cup of brewed bliss, check out the list of fine local coffee shops that brew with Redding Roasters beans.

Kaitlyn Heisler

My mission has been to continue to provide you with the level of quality that my father stood by. I stepped in right where he left off, and dove into a quickly growing coffee culture. I take pride in knowing my coffee, and each customer that visits gets a customized experience. My favorite thing to do is to introduce specialty coffee to a new visitor. We see a wide variety of customers, from experienced and professionally trained baristas, to people who tried our coffee at a friend’s house and are blown away at the flavor! Whatever your questions, we can answer. If you would like a custom blend, we can create it, and if you have a special request, we are happy to comply! Our menu is ever changing, and each time you visit we will have a freshly brewed pot of coffee available for sampling. Each coffee that we carry is unique and roasted fresh to bring out the desired flavor profile trapped within the bean! Check in often, and visit our store to taste the possibilities. We look forward to seeing you!!